#3 Blue (Da Ba Dee)?

I have done some things in my childhood that I’m not proud of. For instance, during a heated snow ball fight that lead to my younger brother locking me out of the house in the cold, I entered through the back, ran to his room to retaliate, found that it too was locked, and preceded to kick a hole in the door. I’ve thrown rocks at cats. Peed in community pools. Farted in elevators. “Pantzd” friends of mine in front of others. Good friends. People close to me with elastic waistbands at mid-thigh level. I might even be responsible for a number of wedgies. I can’t remember specifically. My point is that these things are unfortunate blemishes on an otherwise superb record of human understanding and tranquil coexistence. And while it may be embarrassing to acknowledge these past blunders, perhaps nothing, no hurtful tease issued from my lips or regrettable Cheetoh flavor dust wipe onto the shoulder of another, no, perhaps none of it is as distressing and lamentable as my fondness for the Eiffel 65 song “Blue (Da Ba Dee).”

eiffel65bgtn41 Eiffel 65 released “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” on their 1999 album Europop, and without any premonition, a whole planet of intelligent life went wild. The song climbed to #1 in numerous countries and #6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In the days of such esteemed Disney Channel Original Movies as Brink!, The Thirteenth Year, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Halloweentown, Johnny Tsunami, Smart House, etc., I successfully ignored and avoided the craze surrounding musical acts like BBMak and SHeDAISY (as, of course, I should have). But when the channel introduced me to “Blue,” I thought, “Who are these three Italian pioneers and what is this sublime log cabin they’ve created?” All I wanted to do was listen, dance, sing the lyrics that don’t make sense, dance, listen, sing, jump, pose, dance, start the revolution. But it wasn’t going to be that easy. I was going to have to be sneaky. If anyone at school found out how much I liked “Blue (Da Ba Dee),” all the 8th grade cred I had amassed would be leveled to the ground. It didn’t look good…

…until I utilized the classic technique “Negative Attraction.” Negative Attraction, also known as Mock and Awe, is a process in which a particular enthusiast of something, such as a song, belonging to a specific demographic, such as 8th grade, verbally slanders that which they appreciate to protect their image. By heavily mocking “Blue” as if I were a HUGE fan and it was totally my FAVE song, I gave the impression of detest whilst secretly getting to listen to it. Here’s an example:

Me: Hey Fred, have u heard that STOOOOPID song that goes, “I’m blue da ba dee dabba dai da ba dee,” and so forth?

Fred: No.

Me: Gawd, it’s so funny and dumb and awful. Let’s go listen to it!

Fred: Ok.

See? I got to indulge in a guilty pleasure by pointing out the ridiculousness of the song to others. And “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” was indeed ridiculous. I’m sure the three members of Eiffel 65 know this. They are probably sitting together somewhere in Italy, drinking expensive coffee, laughing, talking about the fast cars they get to drive.

Of course, listening to “Blue” a hundred times with my mom on the way to school took its toll. I eventually transitioned from pretending to think the song was stupid to actually thinking it was stupid. Which it was. But I liked it and I wish I hadn’t been so embarrassed by it. I know now that I had no 8th grade cred. I should have accepted and embraced the song for how it made me feel. I should have listened to my heart. Alas, wait until 2020 for hindsight, as they say.

Here’s the music video. Man, if only the internets didn’t ruin time capsules, futurepeople could unearth this work of art and develop hypotheses about our culture’s affinity for aliens, waving back-and-forth, and wearing leather ball caps.


~ by Kevtron on April 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “#3 Blue (Da Ba Dee)?”

  1. Guilty. Oh so very guilty. Embrace it now, Kevin, it’s still as good as it was…you just have to believe, Peter! Clap your hands!!

  2. “Who are these three Italian pioneers and what is this sublime log cabin they’ve created?”

    HAAH! Brilliant. I’m going to post the video on facebook to implant this song in 425 heads.

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