#2 Adventures in Dinosaur City?

In the scientific community, dinosaurs once ruled the planet. In the kid community, dinosaurs simply ruled.

If you asked a kid today what his or her favorite dinosaur is, he or she would probably say, “Harry Potter.” If you didn’t walk away immediately after that, you might say, “That’s not a dinosaur. That’s a little magic wizard man. Dinosaurs are ancient reptilian creatures that roamed the earth sixty-five million years ago. Try again.” Then the kid would probably ask for a push-pop and you would chuckle to yourself or throw a chair in anger or some other such thing.

Dinosaurs just don’t have the same influential impact on children now. I can name my favorite dinosaur. Ankylosaurus. I type that with resolute certainty. No problem. There’s just not as many youngsters out there with their hearts in it to win it, roaring at their teachers, opening doors, getting onto floors, everybody walk the dinosaur. But as many of you are surely aware, the dino craze of yesteryear was contingent upon one cultural phenomenon: Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park hit theaters in 1993 and made all sorts of childrens cuckoo for cold blood. Not in a dinosaur vampire way (though that’s the coolest idea I’ve probably ever had), but in a “I’m totally going to subscribe to Zoobooks just for that one special dinosaur issue though the free tiger poster is pretty sweet, too” kind of way. Yes, Jurassic Park was absolutely outstanding to behold as a child, but what did we watch to satisfy our prehistoric preoccupation before that?

Well, there was Adventures in Dinosaur City. aidc1

Adventures in Dinosaur City is a 1992 television film that took audiences to a fantasy land where cheesy puppets warmed hearts and confused senses of chronology. From what I recall, three teens, two boys and a girl, love a cartoon about dinosaurs. The youngest boy suggests watching it on his father’s big screen but, uh oh, oopsies, his father is actually a scientist and that big screen is actually an interdimensional time vortex that pulls the viewer(s) into a goofy innuendo-laced puppet populated primitive world. A land of the lost minds if you will.

Our three young heroes are pulled into a strange new world in which dinosaurs speak radical talk and wear tubular threads. The trio first meets a pint-sized pterodactyl named Forry who reluctantly leads them to “Dinosaur City,” also known as Tar Town. The kids then meet the aptly named dinosaur hipsters Tops and Rex, a *spoilers* triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex that work together instead of running away from/eating each other (respectively) to defeat the villainous Mr. Big and his cavemen cronies. Our young human friends team up with the duo and save Dinosaur City and so forth. I could offer some more detailed plot points here but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this movie served as a middle step between The Land Before Time and JP which makes Adventures worth remembering. Instead of thinking three horns and long necks can’t be friends, I learned that cool dinosaurs wear Nike sneakers and sunglasses. Of course only a year later I learned that a dinosaur will eat you off a toilet if so inclined or spit gross black venom tar in your eyes, even if you are hilarious on Seinfeld. It doesn’t matter to them.

Though I have subtly (or not so subtly) bashed Adventures in Dinosaur City for being a pretty crappy flick, I remember it fondly I guess. If you’re looking for some baddd dino dudes with lots of ‘tude, then search no longer, friends. Your day has arrived.

Gimme Claw!

Adventures in Dinosaur City trailer!


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