#1 Ecto Coolers?

ectoWhen I was a kid, I wanted to be a Ghostbuster.

That was it.


Who you gonna call?


The job entailed adventure, controversy, humor, and the supernatural. Or supernature as I’ve become fond of calling it just now. To put it simply, busting makes one feel good. It was rather apparent that during the heyday of the Ghostbuster films and the animated television series, The Real Ghostbusters, many of America’s youth longed to don a gray jumpsuit and proton pack as the franchise exploded in popularity. But short of buying all the toys, costumes, cereal, VHS tapes, soundtracks, books, action figures, toothpaste, candy, gum, video games, posters, fruit snacks, and other assorted memorabilia, how could a young person such as myself support the busting cause and mirror the bravery and dedication of Dr. Peter Venkman and company?

Remember Ecto Coolers?

Yes. Ecto Coolers. These little mixed citrus flavored boxes of joy were a promotional tie-in between Hi-C and The Real Ghostbusters series. The juice box featured the show’s ghoulish mascot, Slimer, which caused the product sales to skyrocket due to the character’s immense popularity. The fact that Ecto Coolers were delicious didn’t hurt either. There wasn’t an ecto cooler way to get your 10% fruit juice. Those boys and girls with Juicy Juice and Ocean Spray could go sit on the monkey bars for all I cared because my friends and I were at the lunch table sipping on Ecto drank. If there was something strange and it didn’t look good, we were on the front lines fighting those evil spiritual forces one straw slurp at a time. I don’t ever recall being afraid of no ghosts.

The unheralded success of the Ecto Cooler actually caused the beverage’s production to continue years beyond the cancellation of the T.V. series. Slimer eventually disappeared from the front of the box and Ecto Coolers were renamed a few times before the drink finally died in the late 2000s. You could probably recreate the taste yourself by taking a bite of a tangerine and then drinking orange juice, but what’s the point without that lovable slimy specter’s image holding up the logo for some reason? I mean I’m not going to eat an oatmeal cream pie if it didn’t come from Little Debbie, am I? Nope. For all I know it’s just oatmeal and cream smashed together. Psh. Not the same.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, the Ecto Cooler commercial. If this bad boy popping up on your screen on a Saturday morning didn’t get your head spinning for some delectable ecto taste, then you were probably into Hot Wheels or Pound Puppies or some other non-busting who-cares-thing.


~ by Kevtron on March 31, 2009.

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